Sophia Clarke

Programmer, game dev, storyteller


About me

Physics student turned game developer. My passions include creating personal experiences in games, and encouraging others to do the same.

I work for as a Senior Software Engineer. Previously, I was at Unity Technologies.

Outside of work, I make short games, organise events for girls to learn game development, and mentor at Coder Dojo.

In 2018, I was honoured to be featured on the 100. I also had a game featured at AMaze Berlin as part of the Out Of The Frame game jam.


My first games industry job was working as a QA Tester on APB Reloaded, the 3rd person shooter MMO. Working at a small studio allowed me to explore a number of disciplines before getting promoted to Software Engineer. I eventually took up a technical support role at Unity, where I realised my love of troubleshooting and helping others create the best projects they can. Now in the Release QA team, I ensure that Unity users get the best possible product.

Contact me for more details or see my LinkedIn profile for my career history.


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